Dating is amazing! Everyone is super excited when they get a chance to meet his/her dating partner, either that is gay, lesbian, straight, and bi-sexual or Trans.

Many people are still confused about gay dating and cis men dating with transsexual women. Many people still thinks that both are gay. Well it’s not true and if you are dating with a transsexual woman, that never makes you gay or you are not considered as a gay.

What is Gay dating

Gay dating is basically when a man is attracted towards a man and they like to spend quality time with each other. If that happened than it’s known as gay dating. But that is not in the case of transsexual dating. You are not attracted towards a same gender. Dating with a transsexual woman doesn’t make you gay.

Transsexual dating considered as a gay

This is a common misconception between people who didn’t understand or know what exactly a transsexual is. Once you are a transsexual that means you won’t be the same gender as considered before. And off-course, transsexual no matter a M2F Transsexual or F2M Transsexual, they are never be interested in dating with a same gender and are completely not interested in any gay or lesbian relationship. Transsexual woman likes to date with a cis man and similarly transgender men will like to date a cis woman.

There is a lot of confusion among cis men that dating with a transsexual woman will make them a gay. Transsexual women are not real women by birth but they own all women genitals via surgery and considered themselves to be a woman. So basically, when a guy thinks to date a transsexual woman, this doesn’t make him gay or never be considered to be a gay in any relationship.

But the main fact behind everything is, each and everyone have freedom to date with anyone. Either he is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, transsexual, cross-dresser or cis gender. It does basically depend on your relationship choice and you need to take a call. Never be bothered what other people are saying and what they think. It’s your life and off-course you have all right to remain happy in any terms or condition and its always your choice to whom you would like to date.

If you are personally attracted towards a transsexual woman or have some serious fantasies to date a transsexual woman, than it really doesn’t matter what other people thinks about you and what they considering you while dating with transsexual woman.

You need to be very clear and confident when you approaching in front of transsexual woman and ask her for a date. This is all misconceptions or the biggest myth that you will become a gay or now recognized as a gay guy if you are going on a date with a transsexual woman or you are dating with a transsexual woman.

So, keep it clear, enjoy your life and fulfill all your fantasies and desires if you are dating a transsexual woman.