Tell you something which makes you more understand transgender people

Many people are curious about transgender people on trans friendly dating apps, but they still don’t know something about shemale and ladyboy. Today, I am here to share something with you about transgender people which makes you more understand this special group.

Almost everyone has heard of transgender women at one time or another, especially in Thailand, where transgender women are most famous. Because there are so many ladyboys, they make a lot of money through some adult performances, and some even provide special services for some people. If you only read these stories about transgender women, that's very incomplete. Because those people are only a small fraction of us transgender people. Many people become a shemale or a ladyboy not just because they want money, but because our perceptions of our gender are the opposite of what they were when we were born. Therefore, the treatment of transgender people on transgender hookup and trans dating, cannot just be an overgeneralizations.

What I want to share with you today is some terminology that you're not familiar with about transgender women. Because there are only a few people in a group like ours, there are a lot of people who don't understand our particular words and terms. Do you know about breast augmentation? Yes, many ciswomen also choose to have breast implants to make themselves look fuller. For a transgender person, if they want to look more feminine, most of them will have breast implants. Of course, this doesn't just make us look more like women physically, it also makes us feel more confident psychologically.

Many of us also have facial feminization surgery. This is to reduce our masculinity. These include shaving wrinkles on eyebrows, nose jobs, shaping the chin, lifting our cheeks and moving our hairlines. The goal is to soften our facial features and make us look more like real women. This term is also very easy for us to understand.

One term that many people haven't heard is gender confirmation surgery. The purpose of doing this surgery is to make us transgender women more feminine and to get rid of our identity as a man. The procedure involves turning a man's penis upside down and creating a vaginal cavity. It's a kind of corrective surgery, or what you might call vaginogenesis. Some transgender women are willing to have the surgery. Of course, specific problems or specific analysis is better.

In order to make ourselves more like real women, in addition to doing these physical operations, we also use chemicals to make us change. The most common are female hormones. Because our bodies produce testosterone, which deepens our voices, causes us to grow whiskers and so on. As a result, many of us take estrogen, which makes us more emotionally moderate and thus less grumpy. Of course, female hormones have many other functions, such as the ability to adjust our body shape and bring us closer to a real woman.

Going from a man to a transgender woman is a lot of pain. But that doesn't mean we like pain, it just because we want to be real women. We do all these efforts to follow our own heart.